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Reusable Becomes A Way of Life With EcoBags June 2, 2009

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“One Step at A Time” to a New Shopping Experience!

ECOBAGS opened for business in 1989 with a simple goal: to produce quality bags at great prices so that “reusable becomes a way of life.”
Founder of ECOBAGS Sharon Feldman Rowe states. “I started this company because I was tired of all the throw away paper and plastic waste.” Sharon had taken a trip to Europe and noticed the wide use of using drawstring reusable bags. With this thought in mind, she came up with the idea of producing quality reusable bags so that this could become “a way of life.”

were first introduced in 1990 at the Earth Day celebration in New York City and instantly became a “big hit.” ECOBAGS is now a member of Co-Op America, the organic trade association and a certified Women Owned Business. (NBENC) All products are manufactured Fair Trade and Fair Labor with products manufactured with a Co-op in India. All ECOBAG products are made from SKAL certified organic cotton, recycled cotton, hemp and hemp-cotton blends and natural untreated and unbleached cotton as well as other natural fiber products and provides sturdy reusable source of goods.
Reusable ECOBAGS have been featured on the Martha Stewart show, Oprah, and NPR radio as well articles in several well known magazines promoting “reusable as a way of life.”

Starting with the simple “One Step at a Time” by bringing your own bag to shop may seem trivial; it creates a “mindset” that has a big impact on the earth and on those who make this choice. Like anything, the more you take this simple step, the more it seems like the natural thing to do.


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