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I am a nurse in an extended care/rehab facility and have the opportunity to meet and care for truly wonderful people. One such person is a lady who is very talented with arts and crafts. Her husband had purchased her several birdhouses which she painted and beautifully decorated.

I thought that if I gave her one of our earth friendly birdhouses, this would give both her and her husband a project they could work on together. Her husband was able to assemble the birdhouse in no time and she began the project.

I work midnights which is the shift she had worked and was awake frequently during the night working on the birdhouse. Each night I watched as progress took place…creating a window here, a door there until the birdhouse was complete and a true work of art.

We had become quite close and she knew about my children and knew I had a “special” daughter with many special needs.
One night I was visiting with her while performing care and she told  me she had completed the birdhouse to give to my daughter. What an awesome surprise for my 11 year old! The joy on her face was priceless when I presented the beautiful work of art to her. I had to take pictures of the birdhouse and her hanging it up for that special bird family to find.
My simple act of sharing turned into one of the most caring moments in our lives. Who would have known that an Earth friendly birdhouse could bring so much joy? It truly was a gift from the heart.

It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that I write this story.  This beautiful art work was the last project my special friend and patient completed before she passed away. I know she is painting beautiful pictures peacefully.

Kathryn Talbott Owner

Last gift to a child.

Last gift to a child.

A Gift of Love

A Gift of Love

Last Project

Last Project


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