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How To Safely Store Food August 11, 2009

Get the Answers and Make Informed Choices for Food Storage

How many times have you saved that empty butter tub container for use later to store leftovers? I know I have. I was not aware of the effects of Polycarbonate Plastic or the danger it could cause.

The health issues related to the use of plastics with polycarbonate puts us all at RISK!

Read the following information is provided by Kinetic:

Polycarbonate Plastic

Polycarbonate Plastic

FDA Approved

FDA Approved

GlassLock Features


Kinetic Go Green Glass-Lock Food Storage Containers were an easy choice for us due to the many questions being raised about the issues surrounding the use of plastic containers to freeze and reheat your foods in the microwave. With the possible danger of toxins being released into foods during both of these processes, ArrowEarth has found an Eco Friendly solution to this concern.

FDA approved Kinetic glass-Lock food storage containers allow you, the customer, to protect your families food. Freeze and reheat your foods with confidence when you use Kinetic Go Green GlassLock Food Storage Containers.

Helping you make the best informed choices for you and your loved ones is the most important goal of arrowearth.

All of the Kinetic go green Glass-Lock food storage containers are:

* Microwave safe
* Tempered glass
* Top rack dishwasher safe
* Silicone air and liquid tight lid (this is the only part of the container that is not microwave safe)
* Freezer safe
* This product can safely go from freezer to microwave.
* Each Kinetic Go Green glass-lock Food Storage container is the perfect solution for today’s busy households.

Warning Please Do Not Use In Oven!!

This is an environmentally friendly product which allows you to heat and freeze your foods without concerns of dangerous toxins being released during the freezing or reheating process of your foods.

3 Piece Round Set GlassLock

3 Piece Round Set GlassLock


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