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Dancing to the Rhythm of Life May 18, 2009

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Dancing to the Rhythm of Life
By Katherine Snyder, 9th Grade
Winner of the Bay Area Earth Day, 1999, Poetry Contest

What do you see when you look down from the mountaintop?
The world sways back and forth, captured in a delicate balance.
Daylight comes, daylight goes,
Constant as the beating drum.
The world invites us all to dance to the rhythm of life.
Can you hear your children’s children, as loud as I hear mine?
Playing in a gentle world, across the gulf of time.
Can you envision the type of world where each child has a home,
And food to put on the plates of children of their own?
All this beauty, all this life, and we are in command;
Can we preserve the resources we have?
The ball is in our hands.
Can we hold the balance, feel the music that courses through us all?
Will you join me; join everyone, in dancing to the rhythm of life?