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Is that Car Green? June 4, 2009

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Have you looked at any of the hybird cars available?  I need to purchase  a new vehicle and started comparison shopping about 1 week ago.  Now granted I am at a disadvantage due to the fact I require a vehicle that can handle transporting a wheelchair by a lift installed in the vehicle.  I was not impressed with the choices I found.  I keep asking myself why is the technology so far behind?   What is it going to take to change the car industry?  What are they doing with the bail-out monies?  We can find almost any type of electronic device on the market to play games, but we have few choices as far as vehicles.  Whats up with this?  Why have we been so complacent as individuals  that we now do not have energy efficient vehicles available for all to choose from. The price of gas and I have to drive a Ford E 250 van to accommodate my wheelchair.  Where are our priorities?  I am as guilty as the next person….    when gas was  $1.40 a gallon I purchased a gas hog because it did not take $100.00 to fill the tank.  Why did I wait until now to be so upset?

A lot of questions in this rant… Just one more reason I am determined to change my purchasing behavior.  I want a GREEN car and I do not mean the color green.

I would love to hear from you. If you have information please share. I am aware that there are many other people that have issues that require them to purchase items that can adapt to their personal needs. Let’s share our thoughts, ideas, brainstorm or rants.